I, Samson… A word from a brother.


Robert develops trading strategies for a living.  But if you ask him, his passions are his wife, his newborn baby girl… and killing gators (that head isn’t store-bought).

Robert is also a Samson brother.

Here’s what Robert has to say about Samson Society:

I enjoy attending the Samson Society meetings because its members are guys like me; men actively engaged in spiritual battles against the sin in their lives. Any sin can be discussed at Samson Society without the fear of condemnation or judgment from the Samson community. Whether a man battles anger, selfishness, addiction, lust,  or some other sin, the shame and guilt felt are the same.  The Samson meetings and daily walk provide a format for healing through confession and community.

Samson is our anti-hero. God gave him a mission but he failed to accomplish it because he tried to do it by himself, he tried to do it all at once, and he was mastered by sin. We try to be the opposite of Samson.  Instead of allowing the shame of sin to isolate us, the men of Samson battle sin together. We pray for each other and encourage each other and remind each other of God’s grace when we miss the mark. Each member has a teammate called a “Silas” that he can rely on for support when he needs it.

Through Samson Society I am learning not to rely on my own will power to live a righteous life but rather to rely on the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead and lives in me. The power of the Holy Spirit leads me into a more righteous walk than I ever could accomplish on my own, and the community of my Samson brothers reminds me of this. I’ve given up on seeking self-control and am now seeking God’s control.

Instead of fighting for complete victories all at once like Samson did, we strive for incremental victories. We fight battles against sin one temptation at a time. In the Bible growth is presented as a process, first the blade, then the ear, then the full kernel in the ear. Spiritual maturity is a process, not an event.

Samson failed at the mission God had given him because he was mastered by his sin. He repeats his mistakes and doesn’t learn from them. At Samson Society we analyze our past attempts to live outside of God’s law and the consequences that resulted from them. We learn from our mistakes and seek to do better now, not through our own power but through the power of God, all while remembering God’s grace.

If you are a man battling sin alone, and you are ready to let go of your guilt and shame, Samson Society is for you. Isolation is one of the devil’s strongest weapons and it can only be overcome through community. There are other men fighting the same battles as you, but they are fighting as an army, not by themselves. Don’t be a Samson!


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